Announcement: Penis gag

What is penis gag? It’s special mouth gag that usually have smaller penis on inside for submissive to suck on.You will see nothing but pure humiliation on submissive face while she/he drool unstoppable.

You can find couple of different version of penis gags. There are 3 basic types pf penis gags – basic penis gag, inflatable penis gag and double penis gag. Most of them have between 2-3 inches long insertable penis gag which may not sound like much, but is long enough to kill a mood for someone with stronger gag-reflex.

I made a short description of all basic types of penis gag. There are many versions of those basic penis gags and even some unique gags that I’ll be writing about. But for start this should be fine.

Basic penis gag

Basic penis gag

Most of basic penis gags are made out of leather harness and mouth piece. They are often called packer gags. Mouth piece have a penis head shape and is usually made out of rubber, silicon or leather. Some penis gags have removable mouth piece, that can be removed and washed. Wide selection of this kind of penis gags can be found over at, and even

Inflatable penis gag

Inflatable penis gag

Inflatable penis gag is a gag that have inflatable mouth piece. If you have trouble finding penis gag with perfect mouth piece, then inflatable penis gag in the way to go. Mouth piece is small and easy to insert and you can inflate it up to 3 inches in diameter, which should be more then enough for just anyone. You can find inflatable penis gags here and here.

Double penis gag

Double penis gag

Double penis gag have two penises. One small penis for submissive to suck on and huge dildo on the other side for mistress to enjoy. Mistress can ride or seat on submissive face while he/she suck that small penis. Some double penis gags have removable dildo for easier cleaning. I would recommend you to get them here, here and here.

There is a few things about penis gags that I would like to mention. While they are made for humiliation, they also have to be made the way you can enjoy them. For better experience, I would recommend that you buy penis gag made out of material that doesn’t have taste or smell. Best choice would be penis gag made out of silicon.

The inflatable Penis Gag

The Later Rubber Inflatable Penis Gag imported from Europe is a product BDSM lovers should try out. Let’s talk about its pros and cons and help D/s couples decide if they should have one or two of their own to play with.

In this article I’ll be reviewing this inflatable penis gag.


Inflatable penis gagThis inflatable penis gag is very versatile. It can expand to a 2 ¼ inches in diameter when inflated to maximum capacity. Couple can also choose to inflate it just enough for the wearer to be a little discomforted stuffed in the mouth. Basically, the size of its inflation can be controlled according to your specific desires.

It is made of high quality latex and rubber that is imported from Europe. It does not have any bad taste or smell. It is important for the product to be skin safe, phthalates-free and non toxic because the wearer will have the gag stuffed in the mouth and soaked while the foreplay is in progress.


In comparison to other penis mouth gags, this inflatable penis gag is slightly more costly. But if you are after quality and versatility, it is money spent wisely.


EU inflatable penis gagThe latex rubber inflatable gag has a nice shape to it that fits perfectly in the mouth. Yes, it’s a gag which means that you can’t really talk when you are wearing it and you will definitely drool for your dominant. It keeps the functions of a bondage tool while being user-friendly at the same time.

Submissives can have it on for longer periods of time, when inflated to the right size. The inflatable penis swells quickly after only a couple of pumps and it is easy to use and easy to clean.

I give the inflatable penis gag a four out of five stars because of its versatility and use of safe materials despite the higher price.

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Lockable penis gag review

Another penis gag we are going to talk about and review in this site is the lockable penis gag. The manufacturer iEFiEL has a Lockable Silicone Dildo Mouth Gag that is out in the market right now. It’s a penis gag with a locking function. Let’s talk about its pros and cons to help you decide if you should get one for your submissive.


iEFiEL penis gagThis penis gag by iEFiEL is a mouth gag made of PU leather and Silicone. The belt buckle is lockable. Dominants can make sure their submissives won’t be able to remove the penis gag on their own without their permission thanks to the lock.

The dildo is about 3.75 inches long and 1.25 inches in diameter and upon seeing it you’ll immediately see how the gag and buckle looks very well made. It can be used by both beginners and intermediate wearers although the penis gag will rest near the gag reflex.

This mouth gag will make the wearer drool which is an added bonus for dominants who are turned on more when the submissive is drooling. It allows the wearer to breathe through it.

If you are wondering, this is the penis gag I’ll be reviewing.


Penis gagThe size of the penis gag could have been made a little wider and some might say that the dildo is too long. But really it depends on the wearer and how much he or she can take in.

You have to know how much gag you mouth can handle and use the mouth gag you have accordingly.

Another thing many notice is that the key and padlock that comes with penis gag are not of the same quality as the mouth gag. You can opt to change the lock and key of this bondage equipment.


Lockable penis gagI give the lockable penis gag a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Yes, it’s rather high compared to the other penis gags we have previously talked about and it is because of its high quality and size that is best for both beginners and intermediate gag wearers.

Plus this bondage equipment has a removable base that makes cleaning it easy and thorough.

Don’t miss out on this great toy. I found mine over here on Amazon.

Double Dildo Gag

Bondage, dominance and sadomasochism needs equipment that will definitely spice role playing activities to great new heights and what better toy to use than the double dildo gag. There are plenty of gags that you can buy online, but for those looking for added kink, why not try the double dildo gag? Read on if you’re interested.

What is a Double Dildo Gag?

The double didlo gag is a double ended dildo that has two ends that can be used for penetration, allowing penetration for the wearer and the partner at the same time. It is intended to give dominant and submissive both pleasure simultaneously and can also be used for double penetration.

Check out more about gag I’m are reviewing over here!

Ride Me Double Dildo Gag Review

Mouth gag with dildoThe Ride Me Mouth Gag is one of those products you can buy online. It comes in the color black and looks like an advanced BDSM gear.

It is a penis gag with dildo that you you’re your submissive to wear to keep them silent and speechless, while you use the other end to penetrate you wherever you want.

The double dildo gag measures 15.5 to 21.2 inches for the strap, the dildo has a 4.75 inch insertable length and 1.55 inch in diameter. It is made of skin safe PVC, metal and leather.

Pros and Cons

In the advertisements, you can see it has high quality looking leather as straps and double dildos for twice the fun. The heavy-duty straps are made of leather and are adjustable to fit the size of the wearer’s head snugly.

Mouth gagHowever there are some who say the strap size is too small, but it is adjustable after all, so adjust according to the submissive’s size.

It works as expected, but the dildo isn’t removeable which means you’ll have quite a challenge in cleaning. Leather isn’t so great when wet and soaked. So you have to clean it carefully.

The Verdict

Double dildo gagI give the double dildo gag a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. It delivers as promised, twice the fun and twice the pleasure.

You just need to use it properly and be imaginative. It works as a bondage device, keeps the wearer speechless, although muffled noises can be made.

It also makes the wearer drool, an added bonus. If you’re feeling adventurous, whether into bondage or not, you can always try the double dildo gag with your partner!

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Strict Leather Silicone Bit Gag Review

If you are wondering what a rubber bit gag is, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’re going to talk about silicon bit gag made by Strict leather company, and help you figure out if you need to get one or a couple for your pony play or bondage activities.

What is a Silicon Bit Gag

Silicon bit gagThe bit gag is a tube that is held in the mouth, made of silicon and is fastened around the head with straps. The purpose for wearing bit gags is to restrict speech.

The wearer, the submissive in a Dom and sub relationship wears this as a form of punishment, humiliation and to show that the dominant has the power in the relationship or situation.

This bondage gear can be tons of fun especially if you’re into bondage and sadomasochism. D/s couples have safe-words to use when the activity is too much, but for this instance use of body language or signs is suggested.

The silicone bit gag in the spotlight is by Strict Leather and its product dimensions are 18 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches. The bit gag part is made of leather that is kept in place by leather straps.

To find out more details about this bit gag, click here!


At first glance, you can tell that this is a quality product compared to most bit gags you can also purchase online. The leather straps are of good quality, soft and yet sturdy. It was surprising to see that it is double stitched and the inside part is soft and comfortable against the skin.

Bit gagWhen it comes to the rubber bit, the silicone is firm but soft as compared to gags made of plastic. It is gentle on the teeth as you bite into it when worn.

Another pro is that the straps can be locked with a little padlock, although it is already fastened together by a buckle. Ladies with small heads will not think the bit gag is loose because of the adjustable straps.

Although the silicon bit gag  is advertised as odorless, it is not entirely the case. There is indeed an odor, although not strong enough to be a deal breaker especially when compared to a plastic gag. Easily remedied, I suggest washing the rubber bit thoroughly in water to remove any leftover production stink.

Cleaning it though is a little tricky because the gag cannot be removed which means when you run it with water, you have to avoid soaking the leather straps. And lastly, the gag is quite large and I do not suggest it for those new to bondage. You have to open your mouth wide to get the gag in, but for the more experienced subs, this silicone bit gag is just perfect.

The Verdict

Strict leather silicon bit gagI give the rubber bit gag a rating of four stars out of five. There was nothing much to complain about the product to have a deal breaker, but we have to leave it room for improvement.

Bit gags are exactly what you need to spice up pony play and BDSM role playing. This rubber bit gag will definitely silence the wearer and make him or her drool.

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