The inflatable Penis Gag

The Later Rubber Inflatable Penis Gag imported from Europe is a product BDSM lovers should try out. Let’s talk about its pros and cons and help D/s couples decide if they should have one or two of their own to play with.

In this article I’ll be reviewing this inflatable penis gag.


Inflatable penis gagThis inflatable penis gag is very versatile. It can expand to a 2 ¼ inches in diameter when inflated to maximum capacity. Couple can also choose to inflate it just enough for the wearer to be a little discomforted stuffed in the mouth. Basically, the size of its inflation can be controlled according to your specific desires.

It is made of high quality latex and rubber that is imported from Europe. It does not have any bad taste or smell. It is important for the product to be skin safe, phthalates-free and non toxic because the wearer will have the gag stuffed in the mouth and soaked while the foreplay is in progress.


In comparison to other penis mouth gags, this inflatable penis gag is slightly more costly. But if you are after quality and versatility, it is money spent wisely.


EU inflatable penis gagThe latex rubber inflatable gag has a nice shape to it that fits perfectly in the mouth. Yes, it’s a gag which means that you can’t really talk when you are wearing it and you will definitely drool for your dominant. It keeps the functions of a bondage tool while being user-friendly at the same time.

Submissives can have it on for longer periods of time, when inflated to the right size. The inflatable penis swells quickly after only a couple of pumps and it is easy to use and easy to clean.

I give the inflatable penis gag a four out of five stars because of its versatility and use of safe materials despite the higher price.

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